Lost Apple TV Remote: Retrieve vs Replace

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My kids have, naturally, been enthralled with our third generation Apple TV since they can easily navigate between Plex, Netflix, Disney Now, Nick Jr, and all the games I’ve put on there for them. To limit the need to hunt for the Apple TV remote, I put a bright red silicone case on it.

To be completely honest, losing this remote has been driving me absolutely insane. It didn’t just walk off, and my Apple TV is taunting me by showing the Remote Connected notification every-now-and-then.

I could, like a normal sane person, just order a new remote for $60 OR I could build a Simple Bluetooth finder. It runs on a BeagleBone Green Wireless and requires just a little bit of Python (plus a single LED). I haven’t built this yet, but I think I see a BeagleBone in my future.

This Phishing Attack Is Very Hard to Catch

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This phishing method is insanely clever, and scary. I always avoid logging into any website or service with Facebook, Google, or Twitter. Instead, I generate a new and unique password with 1Password so I don’t have to worry about things like this or run into issues with repeated or easy-to-guess passwords.

Watch the video closely to see how this happens.

Stay safe out there.

Version Control Coming to InVision Studio

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Whether you’re searching for files buried on email threads, losing changes during feedback cycles, or worst of all, dealing with meaningless file names like “design_final_revision_2_update_4,” file versioning is often a drain on productivity, even for the most organized team members.

I think we’ve all be in the position where we’ve come across another designer who’s used the final_V13 naming system. I’m pretty pumped about InVision adding version control to Studio. I’ve looked at Folio on Setapp but haven’t messed around with it to really get the feel for it.

Using version control for development is a game changer, so I can only imagine the benefits with the design process as well.

Read the full announcement at InVision.