Lost Apple TV Remote: Retrieve vs Replace

By Make

My kids have, naturally, been enthralled with our third generation Apple TV since they can easily navigate between Plex, Netflix, Disney Now, Nick Jr, and all the games I’ve put on there for them. To limit the need to hunt for the Apple TV remote, I put a bright red silicone case on it.

To be completely honest, losing this remote has been driving me absolutely insane. It didn’t just walk off, and my Apple TV is taunting me by showing the Remote Connected notification every-now-and-then.

I could, like a normal sane person, just order a new remote for $60 OR I could build a Simple Bluetooth finder. It runs on a BeagleBone Green Wireless and requires just a little bit of Python (plus a single LED). I haven’t built this yet, but I think I see a BeagleBone in my future.