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Razer announces another mobile gamepad, but for Android and iOS

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The GameVice for iOS is very neat. The only problem is that my favorite games don’t support MFi controllers (I’m looking at you, FIFA).

The new gamepad is called the Razer Kishi, and it works with more devices than the Junglecat by attaching to the sides of your phone and connecting directly to it with either a USB-C or Apple Lightning connector, depending on the Kishi model specific to your phone. Plugging directly into your phone means the controller should, in theory, have very low latency, and, if you’re on Android, it should work with cloud gaming services like xCloud or Stadia. (If either of those services come to iOS, it seems possible that iPhone users could use Kishi for cloud gaming as well.)

Source: Razer made another Switch-like mobile gamepad, but this one works with Android and iOS on The Verge