The Benefits of an Independent Agency

By 2014-03-20Advertising

It’s old news that major advertising conglomerates Omnicom and Publicis announced their plan to join forces creating the world’s largest advertising network. Now with so many agencies falling under one management group it’s important to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of being a part of that now unexclusive network. Better yet, let’s breakdown why it’s important not to be glamoured by all the bells and whistles.

Once you get past the sheer size of the advertising network what does the giant network offer? Simply put, resources. This can be a huge advantage if your account requires a very large account team or you want to tap into extensive market research. It also can’t be argued that there’s some heavy creative power behind big names like BBDO Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi and Leo Burnett. But after that, what else is there?

For one, the price tags that typically accompany these well-known agencies, if you want to deal with them you’ll pay for it. There’s also the bureaucracy that often run within the agency walls. But more importantly you get a partner who’s invested in something bigger than your business. These agencies are ultimately a part of a publicly traded conglomerate, meaning their real clients are investors.

And therein lies the game changer.

Smaller agencies, can’t always glamour you with illusions of grandeur, or swanky NYC penthouse offices. What we can offer is the assurance that we work for our clients and not for Wall Street. Because we live and breathe by our client’s successes and failures, not the ups and downs of the Dow, we’re more invested in the work, the outcome of that work and following up on that work. We work closely with our clients because their business is our business.

Sure, it may be a little grittier at a smaller, independent agency. You might not get an in-house edit suite or even a production department for that matter, but the creative is raw because it doesn’t get sifted through complex layers of internal creative reviews. We know good work when we see it. We hire good talent and they deliver because if they don’t our clients suffer and then we suffer. And well, that simply isn’t an option.

Small agencies are typically renegades. They know the rules of advertising and then they turn them on their head to deliver you an unprecedented product. They don’t have to play it safe because the stock market isn’t their master. And you, as a client will benefit from that. They need to make their clients happy because every single account matters.

The best part about a small agency is that they’re comprised mainly of people who came from the big guys, the renegades that took flight. The ones that wanted to have a real voice in the direction of the creative. They want to go to work and IMPACT their client’s business everyday.