The Brand Value of Team USA

By 2014-07-01Branding

As a soccer fan and former college player, it’s been thrilling to watch the country unite together in support of Team USA and their journey to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. Those who once knew nothing about soccer are suddenly experts in hamstring injuries, corner kicks and far-post runs. Dempsey, Bradley and Howard are now almost household names. And it all got me thinking about the raise in value for Team USA’s brand.A worldwide audience and a delightfully unexpected run for the U.S. must be having a positive benefit on the Team USA brand. It seems every man, woman and child are wearing team apparel and country colors. Teddy Goalsevelt, Lady Liberty, Beasley jerseys, the list of common wear goes on and on. Nike, Coca-Cola and even Old Navy are trying to capitalize on the fan-craze with relevant apparel, packaging and swag. The brand recognition for Team USA and the actual revenue generation has to be on the rise but it wasn’t always that way.

Forbes magazine does an evaluation of value for club teams around the world each year and no MLS team has a revenue stream hefty enough to break onto the top 10 list. So it’s no surprise that when The Score compiled a list of all World Cup teams and their respective values, the U.S. was near the bottom of the pack. Where exactly? Number 28 on the list of 32 teams. Those less fortunate than the U.S. include: Australia (29), Iran (30), Costa Rica (31) and Honduras (32).

According to The Score, the U.S. boosts a total market value of $77,464,104 that’s a whopping $630,835,796 less than the No. 1 most valuable World Cup soccer team, Brazil. Here’s a list of the top 10:

  1. Brazil – $718,000,000
  2. Spain – $674,000,000
  3. Argentina – $654,000,000
  4. Germany – $622,000,000
  5. France – $555,000,000
  6. England – $493,000,000
  7. Belgium – $468,000,000
  8. Italy – $449,000,000
  9. Portugal – $400,000,000
  10. Russia – $262,000,000

So while the brand value may be going up there’s still a lot of catching up to do if Team USA ever wants to be a major presence, in terms of brand, in the soccer world.