Revisiting the Instagram Icon Redesign

By 2016-05-12Branding

We do a lot of branding here Frederick Swanston, so we were especially interested in the Instagram icon when they announced an entire visual overall.

We especially like to focus on the strategy of a brand and move into the visual identity. I’m, also, currently in the middle of writing a thesis on branding strategies to finish up my Master of Fine Arts in Advertising Design. All that being said, the new Instagram rebrand and app redesign was very interesting to me.

I like the principles behind the redesign, but I think they just missed the mark with the whole package coming together. Check out the logic behind it in the below video.

Kinda cool, right? But the clean feel of the actual app redesign gets lost in one of its most important elements: the icon.

I think they can still capture the simplified feel of the new look and keep the “community inspired” look without shocking the system. One of the stills in the video even looks similar what I think would work best. I’m sure they have their reason for the direction they chose, but I thought this was still worth sharing.

Instagram icon comparison

There’s something to the simplicity right? And it doesn’t feel like it gets lost amongst other icons on the phone.

Instgram icon phone layout

Just some thoughts while I was eating pizza at my desk. Let me know what you think.

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