Link Bait

By 2018-04-16May 14th, 2018News
I’m trying to force myself to post more to my own website since I spend so much time reading and researching around the web. I’m hoping that these round-up help other people (but they’re mostly for my own reference).

Imagine walking down the street and you see a poster for your favorite movie. By simply pointing your phone camera at the poster, the characters from the movie come to life, instantly immersing you in an Augmented Reality (AR) experience through your phone. AR target tracking is the next milestone…
Balint Seeber found that cities around the US are leaving their emergency siren radio communication systems unencrypted, and vulnerable to spoofing.
Heatmaps can show you the exact spots that receive the most engagement on a given page. Here’s why they’re so efficient for your marketing goals and how they can be integrated with your WordPress site.
What’d they get right, and what could they have done better? Product Design Lead Noah Stokes reflects.
A peek beyond the neon pink and yellow headlines and photos of YouTube stars.
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