Week Links: This Week’s Internet Findings

By 2019-05-23Week Links

I have a lot of bookmarks across my browsers, Evernote, and text files between nvALT, Drafts, and Ulysses. I’m going to try to collect my weekly findings in a post here so I have a single place to reference things I’ve found and read throughout any given week. I’m not sure how often I’ll post these, but it’s not for you; it’s for me.

Kohl’s Now Taking Amazon Returns

This is old news now, but I think it’s worth reminding everyone about the coolness that is Kohl’s taking people’s Amazon returns.

GMass Link Checker

The GMass Link Checker is a free tool to check links in HTML files. I don’t exactly remember where I found it, but it instantly when into my bookmarks to use later. Sure enough, I was back a few days later to check a file (mostly because I wanted to see it in action). Check it out. Bookmark it. I’ve been surprised how quickly have gone back to use it in just the short time I’ve known about it.

Google Announced A Potential Fix for AMP URLs

Google introduced signed exchanges for AMP web results on Google Search results. This will display the publisher’s domain when the content loads via Google Search instead of a slug on under the Google AMP domain. I’ve built a few AMP pages and they’ve seen decent results, but I think this is a step in the right direction to get even more adoption for AMP. A quick way to start using this new URL scheme is through Cloudflare.

Emoji Clipboard

This Emoji Clipboard is a helpful tool for anyone who doesn’t use Rocket on macOS.

Plastic Footprint Calculator

My wife calls me a hippie since I’m overly interested in our family footprint on

A/B Testing Significance Calculator

Neil Patel kinda bugs me but he knows his stuff. This calculator seems like it might come in handy sometime in the future.

Using IFTTT and Siri Shortcuts

I have number of IFTTT recipes and Siri Shortcuts I use multiple times throughout the day. Integrating the two together will be a game changer.